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This is why we’re different at IDP

Actually it is quite simple: We have chosen to structure our business and organization differently from what our competitors do! The basic idea behind this decision was to cut out the middlemen, who are quite apparent in the luxury packaging market of today.

Typically, when you approach the luxury packaging manufacturers in order to arrange a partnership, they have several organizational layers in their channels to market, which in the end can be seen in the total cost of your packaging program.

At IDP we have cut of the middleman and offer our clients DIRECT access to our own factories, thereby bringing cost advantages and transparency for our clients.

The key to success is in our quality

Along with price and sustainability, QUALITY is a key factor to our success.

We develop and produce individual luxury packaging solutions, which combine exclusive design with high-quality materials and workmanship.

For more than 25 years we have demonstrated that we can meet the highest quality requirements for our clients. Continuous quality control throughout the entire procurement, manufacturing and distribution process guarantees a consistent and high-end quality of our products and services.

We have created a Quality Control procedure based on the products being inspected in 4 stages of the production process. Quality Control Reports are documented and are available to our clients.

It’s all about our Philosophy, Process and your benefits!

Our goal is to partner with your business providing luxury high-end retail packaging, and to do so within the shortest timeframe and within your budget. We have a solid business philosophy with focus on social and environmental responsibilities, and we are here to help your business understand and appreciate the products delivered and used for your end-customers.

We have the highest standards for Social Accountability and take our responsibilities for fair working conditions, health and safety in the workplace very seriously.

If you’re interested in the full read on our philosophy, you can read it here.

Your new luxury packaging partner

All this accounts for high quality luxury packaging products, made from great materials by happy employees. The combination of these factors is what makes us and our products different. The benefits of this approach are multiple. Please make sure to read all the benefits of our philosophy and process.