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Your benefits

Your benefits as an IDP client

The IDP Group´s unique global structure makes us the ideal luxury retail packaging partner for your brand. We give you easy access to a local experienced team of people at the same time as giving you all the benefits of dealing directly with the factory producing your packaging products. This gives you total transparency and control.

In order for you to fully understand the benefits of both The IDP Model and The IDP Group as your luxury packaging manufacturing partner, we have listed the key benefits below.

Performance / Price

  • Luxury retail packaging DIRECTLY from the manufacturer
  • Local support and sales offices across Europe and North America
  • Best price/performance ratio worldwide
  • Manufacturing entirely in-house
  • Adherence to highest Social and Environmental Standards
  • Total transparency
  • Flexible and high production capacity and capability
  • Innovation, Dedication, Passion


  • More than 25 years of experience in producing packaging solutions for the world´s best known brands
  • Fully certified for social and environmental policies
  • Experienced, committed and motivated workforce
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee


  • Highest environmental and social standards in Asia


  • Direct business with the factory – no middlemen
  • No outsourcing – all produced in-house
  • Direct contact between client and senior management of The IDP Group