Factory Direct Custom Retail Packaging Manufacturer Without the Need of Sourcing Agents & Middlemen.

Bespoke Retail Packaging for Global Brands

International Direct Packaging (IDP) prides itself on being exactly that. Direct Packaging manufacturers delivering the highest quality in luxury retail packaging without a middleman. This means at International Direct Packaging we don’t source factories.

In fact, we own factories in both China and Indonesia manufacturing rigid gift boxes, ecommerce boxes, sustainable packaging, paper shopping bags, and retail packaging accessories. Being the global direct packaging manufacturer without the necessity for a middleman, is your competitive advantage as it shortens the quoting process, delivery timelines, and reduces production costs.

International Direct Packaging supports complete retail packaging programs with made to measure reusable fabric packaging. Our environmentally friendly packaging offerings include garment bags, reusable shopping bags, corrugated boxes, jewelry pouches, and an array of tote bag designs.

In collaboration with our production teams at the IDP factories in China and Indonesia our U.S. based designers are able to innovate and design packaging that delivers instagramable consumer experiences for brands of all sizes.

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International Direct Packaging

What is Factory Direct Packaging?

Factory direct packaging is what makes International Direct Packaging your competitive advantage. When you work with any one of our packaging designers or Packaging Directors, you are in fact working directly with the factory. By eliminating the need for middlemen or third party suppliers you are able to move faster through the design, quoting, and sampling phases as well as achieve transparency in production.

Our FSC certified production team is 1200 workers strong and the only one directly accessible to you at anytime.

We invite you to visit our factories or contact us to learn how International Direct Packaging can support you.

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Why us


Imagine if your customers weren’t just numbers on a spreadsheet but real people who you engage with on an ongoing basis, collecting feedback that grows more meaningful over time. Real people, higher response rates, actionable insight—our software gives you the context you need to improve the entire customer lifecycle.

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Luxury and sustainability


Social and Environmental credentials are more than ever coming under scrutiny and brands are now held publically responsible for their choice of manufacturer.

The idp Group understand and support all international social and environmental standards. Our production facilities are ISO 9001 certified. We work to the socially and environmentally relevant standards and have passed all of our clients own independent Corporate Social Responsibility Audits.

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From design to delivery


Our goal at The IDP Group is to make the process of manufacturing and managing your order as simple as possible. We have the latest technology and manufacturing processes available and at your disposal. Our state-of-the art ordering and logistics systems make it easier than ever to manage your inventories and deliveries.

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With its globally unique structure The idp Group is the ideal luxury retail packaging partner.

Performance / Price

  • Premium retail packaging directly from the manufacturer at factory prices
  • Best price/performance ratio worldwide

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Custom packaging for your brand and business

Our organization makes it easy for our customers to deal with us. With Sales Offices across Europe and North America, we are able to manage the process locally whilst producing in Asia. We offer a consultative service and all our sales personnel are highly experienced packaging specialists who will work with you to develop a tailor-made solution, ensuring the best results for both your brand and your budget.

Our custom packaging solutions will help ensure the consumer experience your brand deserves, by highlighting the unique features of your products, whether it be fashion, jewelry, premium clothing, perfumes or other luxury items. All our products are tailor-made to achieve the functionality, practicality and design required for your brand and your products.

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Custom retail packaging

Packaging needs individuality, and therefore all of our packaging solutions are targeted towards the individual needs of your brand and business, in order to make the perfect fit with custom retail packaging.

With more than 25 years’ experience, we use our extensive knowhow to continuously develop both existing and new products. At The IDP Group we have an ongoing in-house research & development program, responsible for exploring new designs, materials and finishes, thus keeping us at the forefront of retail packaging technology and trends.

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A new way of approaching high-end packaging

The idp Group has responded to the recent changes in the global bespoke packaging market. For financial, social, ethical and environmental reasons, brands now require more clarity regarding where and how their goods are manufactured. For this reason, The IDP Group has broken from the traditional method of selling through distributors, and instead has established its own global sales network. This enables brands to have DIRECT access with The IDP Group, one of the world´s leading luxury retail packaging manufacturers.

With over 25 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of luxury retail packaging, The IDP Group has been – and continue to be – the supplier of choice for many world leading brands.

Our name is International Direct Packaging, but our mantra is Innovation – Dedication – Passion, and we apply these standards to everything we do.

You can read more about the IDP philosophy here.